Monday, April 30, 2007

Updated portraits of the kiddos

I needed some updated portraits of the kiddos to hang in our new house so I took advantage of my equipment being out.

Here's my fave of Landon. Such the handsome little man!

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And my fave of the two of them despite her collar being up! Oh well, can't have perfection all of the time!

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Libby said...

Beautiful children, Steph! Love Kylie w/ the lollipop, too! Your photography is awesome!

Mari said...

awww...GORGEOUS!! You DO have beautiful children Steph.

Anonymous said...

As usual, I'm prejudiced, but aren't these two of the cutest kids ever?? And the photographer isn't bad either!! Ha!

Memaw Gabby

Anonymous said...

Wow, how they are growing. My little man is not so little anymore. I like the portrait of them together, even if it's not perfect.